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In the centre of Zug arises at a representative location within walking distance from the train station and the shopping street “Metalli” removes the commercial and residential building “train Downtown”. At the Baarerstrasse / Guthirtstrasse offers “train Downtown» 800m² spacious exhibition and retail space on the ground floor, 50 attractive townhouses and office space and underground parking. The demand for increased sustainability is consistently met. At a central location, the new building allows modern living with reduced mobility needs, supporting an urban use mixing and evaluates the same public spaces on. “Downtown train” was conceived as an address for the Ferrari and Maserati showroom of Auto Pierre Sudan. The demand for high-quality design is reflected in the architecture: In combination with large areas of glazing the facade subtly textured dress gives of profiled, glazed ceramic elements the long building a timeless air of distinction. Under Construction – Downtown From Baarerstrasse ago, the customer is guided along the storefront and through the main entrance into the spacious sales and exhibition areas throughout glazed ground floor. Passages from the Baarerstrasse and Guthirtstrasse and on the Bleichiplatz lead in the publicly accessible courtyard, from where the apartments are accessible. The courtyard is designed as a lounge for business people and residents and serves as a transition to the Quartier Lauried. The spacious 3.5- and 2.5-room city apartments are oriented west to Baarerstrasse or east to the courtyard. Long windows flood the apartment with generous natural light, while the sides glazed loggias between living and sleeping area more open and generous act that lend the rooms and as desired provide a protected, private outdoor space. For the climatic comfort of a ventilation system in the Minergie standard, which is equipped with free cooling provides.